Body of Christ: UNITE!

Recently, I posted a video on You Tube and Facebook entitled A Call for Unity Among the ChurchesThat call for unity is the cry of my heart, and I believe it is the cry of the Father’s heart.  So, what keeps us from being in unity?

I believe that is the direct result of a misunderstanding of what unity is.  First, it is not a heretical request.  The Bible speaks plainly of the church being in unity.  Paul’s teachings are clear that the church body, as a whole, is one.  Jesus agonized in the Garden of Gethsemane for unity among believers (See John 17).

So, what is the problem?  It goes back to a misunderstanding of the term.  Unity does not equal uniformity.  Unity does not equal the embrace of false doctrine.  Unity does not mean you have to agree with another Christian on absolutely everything. Unity means the following:  “Although I do not see everything as my brother or sister in Christ does, I still love Jesus enough to be in unity for the common goal of winning souls to Christ.”

Unity Requires Sacrifice

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Many people do not want to fellowship with Christians outside of their own church or denomination because it requires sacrifice.  Time has to be given to come in unity with someone.  Effort has to be made.  However, I believe the time and effort is worth the end result.

Our nation is in trouble.  As a matter of fact, our world is in trouble.  Now that the fear of COVID-19 has somewhat dwindled, another pandemic has taken its place.  It is not a physical sickness, but it does yield physical results.  The pandemic is hatred.  It’s companion is fear.  People are rebelling against authority in the name of “tolerance” while others are blatantly racist because of hatred and fear. These things do not please God.

Unity Requires Selflessness

I believe the call for selflessness is what hinders many Christians.  In our quest for prosperity and name-it-claim-it doctrines, we have overlooked the words of Jesus in Luke 9:23, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow me.”  Jesus did not call us to be self-absorbed.  He called us to think of others.  He called us to love others.

The fate of our nation lies with the church, the true body of Christ.  If we want to see people stop looting and rioting, we need to demonstrate unity.  Let’s face it, the world has watched us squabble over doctrine for centuries. It has turned many away from the faith.  While I am not suggesting we take up that which is not scriptural, I am suggesting that we learn to agree that we disagree but show love to one another.

Body of Christ, we do not have to agree on everything to unite in prayer and intercession.  We do not have to agree on everything to go to heaven together.  We do not have to agree on everything to love one another as Jesus commanded us.

Unity Requires Laying Aside Some Differences

Some of the differences between God’s people that cause division are almost laughable.  Certainly, we are entitled to follow our convictions, but some convictions should not become an expectation for everyone else.So it is with Christ’s body. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each

For example, some believe the King James Bible is the best translation of God’s word while others read different translations.  I have seen people become angry over this issue and act ungodly because someone likes another translation besides the “revered one”.  By the way, that can apply to any translation so I am not just throwing this at one group.

Some other examples of what should not cause us to divide are as follows:

  • Bickering over spiritual gifts and their usage.
  • Bickering over end-time beliefs (i.e. pretrib rapture, post-millennialism, etc.)
  • Roles of women in the church.

I am not suggesting that you have to take up someone else’s belief nor am I suggesting you even have to go to church with someone of a different denomination.  However, I am saying it it time for God’s people to lose the attitude of superiority we hold over each other and become humble again.

Does this sound too difficult?  If so, how do you feel about watching our nation crumble?  Which is worse?  Swallowing your pride and uniting with your brothers and sisters in Christ, or watching America fall?  I should think the choice would be obvious.

Let’s come together and pray and be sanctified so many can be saved.

Watch my You Tube video A Call for Unity Among the Churches here.

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