The Final Authority

People we consider to be experts on certain topics often tell us to expect events to unfold in certain ways.  Often, these people are correct.  Of course, there are times when expert words are off base.

A doctor might tell a patient that she only has three months to live.  A teacher might tell a student that he will never amount to anything.  A naysayer might have you convinced that a negative situation will never change.  The question is: who will you believe?

My Personal Situation

Image via Pixabay by Gerd Altmann.

My husband and I have been in a tight situation for several years.  Some well meaning people said that we would never see the end we were hoping for.  What we were believing God for was just impossible.  At times, it was tempting to take heed to these words.

We had a choice to make.  God had promised us that He was going to work a miracle in our situation. He had spoken to us personally in our spirits (not an audible voice), and He had confirmed His promise through other Christians.  Yet, we still had people, even God’s people, telling us it just couldn’t happen.  According to them, we should not expect a turn around.  We could either believe God or believe people.

But God

Let me just insert a disclaimer at this point.  Some of our naysayers were not horrible people.  They were simply giving us what they had experienced.  To believe God, we did not have to demean our naysayers.  We just had to choose not to process their words in our minds.

Just a few days ago, my husband and I received the news we had been waiting for.  I praise God that His word and His promises trumps all others!  Let me tell you that we had been waiting for years for our situation to change.  We knew we looked foolish to our naysayers as we pressed on and battled spiritual forces and our flesh to keep walking by faith.

Image via Pixabay by 4653867.

I am telling you this because I want to encourage you.  Your situation might seem impossible as if there is not an end in sight nor light at the end of the tunnel.  However, I can tell you that if God has said He is going to turn the impossible around, He will do just that.  What God promises, He delivers.  He is not a man that he should like nor a son of man that he should change his mind (Numbers 23:19).

Reject Doubt and Fear

When other people tell you that God will not change your situation, you do not have to accept their words as final.  You do not have to argue with your naysayers, but you can refuse to entertain their words.  Whatever God has promised to you, hold on to that promise.  Find scriptures that are relevant to your situation and speak them out loud.

Why shouldn’t we expect God to deliver the impossible?  Throughout the Bible, we find many situations that He turned around in different ways.  He is God, and He does not change.  He still does wonders today.

Whose report will you believe?  God’s report or man’s?  Let God be true and every man a liar (Romans 3:4). His Word is the final authority.




2 thoughts on “The Final Authority

  1. Wow! Awesome word and great testimony. Thank you for posting. We wholeheartedly agree with this. After our recent ‘adventure’ we experienced much the same.

    Our family of 4 had a comfortable life in middle class suburbia when we left that to start a new life across the country (Canada). We, too, have promises God has made to us. Well trusting in HIs lead, voice and promises we stayed where we were. Eventually, we became destitute and homeless in waiting for the promise to arrive; not realizing that God had a much bigger purpose for us than we could understand.

    We wandered about for 40 months encountering many people. The vast majority could not believe we were following Jesus in faith and believing for His promises. Some were well meaning, others were cruel, but all lacked the faith in God to believe with us. They, like so many others, are still rooted in ‘self’ and immaturity so could not see what God was doing. This is not a condemnation of them, just the reality. We had so many offers to renounce our faith, distract us from faith or attempts to stop us completely that the resistance became laughable. Each time we said no to them and yes to God our faith grew. God’s promises are just too precious to let go of; even if the sacrifice is extreme.

    Our homeless season is past now and God has us stabilized, but no home yet. 20+ years ago He promised us a house. At the time we didn’t need it and thought the promise was strange. Now after what we have been through we understand why He gave that promise. It still has yet to be fufilled but reading your blog encourages us. We believe the time of our fulfillment is close at hand as well. At least this time owning a house will mean a lot more to us than it did when we had our other home. 🙂 You tend to appreciate little things after being stripped, like food, clothing and warmth.

    Thank you again. You enriched at least the lives of two people today.

    Homer Les


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