Bibles for Journaling

Journaling Bibles are becoming quite popular among Bible readers.  The side columns that can be used as a space for journaling, note-taking, or artistic expression are a must-have for some.  Like other Bibles, Journaling Bibles come in different sizes, font sizes, and types of covers.

Hard-Cover Bibles

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The Modern English Version from Charisma House Publishers comes in a hard-back version.  The Promises of God Journaling Bible is a beautiful, hard-back book with exquisite design and illustrations.  There are side columns for journaling or note-taking as well as pages that can be colored, for those on the artistic side, and lined pages with no text for either scenario.

Thomas Nelson produces a hard-back journaling Bible (New King James Version) with large print which is a plus because the print is small in many Journaling Bibles.  The gorgeous hard-cover in this Bible is mixed with a cloth floral pattern.  Due to the large print, this Bible is larger in size than others.

Crossway, the publishers of the English Standard Version, has several choices of Journaling Bibles.  They have hard-covered Bibles that are black yet I have seen some readers decorate these Bibles with their own artistic style.  The plain black cover matters little to those who simply use it for note-taking.


Imitation Leather


Once again, Crossway does an excellent job with the ESV Journaling Bibles that are imitation leather.  Although the print is small, these Bibles are put together well and will, most likely, last a lifetime.  One of the ESV Journaling Bibles I own is brown, imitation leather, with drawings of leaves stenciled into the cover.

NKJV Journaling Bible
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Thomas Nelson comes through again with a King James Version Journaling Bible that is brown imitation leather with cream-colored cloth with gold designs serving as the front cover.  Like the ESV mentioned before, the print is small, but the Bible is beautiful with lines in the side columns.

Zondervan, the publisher of the New International Version, has several gorgeous Journaling Bibles.  One of them has a beautiful, brown, soft-leather (imitation) edition that is eye-catching.  They have a variety of other colors as well.  Some are imitation leather while others are genuine.



Tyndale House, publisher of the New Living Translation, is not without its share of Journaling Bibles.  Like Crossway, they have an edition that is a hard-back and black in color.  They also have produced a blue-green Journaling Bible called Inspire Bible NLT: The Bible for Creative Journaling.


Image Via Google by Creative Coloring Blog

Like so many products these days, there is no lack of choice in the types of Bibles a person can purchase with relative ease.  Even if you are neither artistic nor a fan of Bible Journaling, the lined side margins of these Bibles are great place to put your study notes.  The love for the Word of God is what matters above all.


What about you?  Do you use Journaling Bibles or Study Bibles?  What are some of the translations you read?

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