When It’s Hard to Understand

The topic I am going to share with you is unusual for this blog, but if the title is To Live is Christ, then the unusual path I am taking today is acceptable.  Part of living is dealing with heart-breaking situations.  Although there are many of those, one will be the focus.

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Infants with Cancer

As thankful as I am that my children were healthy as infants, my heart breaks when I hear of any child struggling with a health issue.  Cancer in the bodies of children and infants is more than I can comprehend.  It is my wish, as I am sure it is yours too, that their young lives be free from worry and suffering.

Neuroblastoma was not a diagnosis I had heard of until a few months ago.  A very dear person to me has a grandson that was discovered to have this rare type of cancer when he was around three months old.  According to research, neuroblastoma begins in the cells of an embryo, so he was born with this condition. It was just not discovered until later.

Thankfully, this baby’s grandmother is a believer in Jesus, and she has trusted God through the horrific process.  My mind goes back to the article written previously about great grace.  I know God has poured His great grace on this family.  They have cried out to God when the reports were negative, and they have praised God when their sweet baby’s prognosis began improving.

Raising Awareness

My dear friend’s desire is to spread awareness concerning neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers.  Christians, pray daily for this family and so many others who are facing similar situations.  Although it is difficult to understand, we trust God.  People who go through adversity while trusting God inspire others to trust the Lord in their own circumstances.

After praying for those children with cancers, talk to others about what you can do to support them.  Even if you do not know these people personally, reach out to them.  When someone is hurting, they will remember your kindness. If we are in Christ, we are brothers and sisters even if we are not acquainted.  The Spirit will bear witness.

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Any way we can support research centers and other organizations that help children suffering with cancer would be a blessing.  Even if you do not have a fortune in material wealth, a few dollars could go further than you know.  Jesus increased the loaves and fishes when his followers were hungry, and a boy only had a little bit of food.  He can increase whatever you give.


What about you?  Will you pray for the suffering?  If God leads, will you go further with your help?  Do you know someone who is suffering with childhood cancer?  Please leave your comments.  This is worthy of a deep, heart-felt discussion.

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