To Live Is Christ

living-for-jesus_LRGWe all know the scripture from Philippians 1:21 that states the following: “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”  Although no one wants to physically die, we expect that one day, we will leave this world and see Christ which is our ultimate gain, but what about the living?

To live is Christ.  What does that phrase involve?

While living on this planet, our lives are meant to bring glory to God.  That sounds rather intense, doesn’t it?  Actually, living for God and bringing glory to Him is not only the most meaningful part of our lives, it is life itself.  When our lives are surrendered to Jesus, the Holy Spirit begins bringing the fruit of that surrender out of us (see Galatians 5:22-23). Part of that fruit is joy, my friends!  The joy that Jesus brings us is unspeakable and full of glory which tells me that we can have a love for life and a love for people that makes the phrase “to live is Christ” alive with a beautiful meaning.

It is my hope that you will engage with me fully on the journey.  Although our living has joy, it also has pain.  Together, we can see the joy walk with the pain until it outweighs it completely.  We were never meant to live this life for Christ totally alone.  We need the company and support of fellow Christians.  Of course, our support needs to stem from people we know personally, but often, the Holy Spirit speaks encouragement to us through fellow believers that we might not know.

Not only is life painful at times, there are mundane days when it seems all we can accomplish is making it through the day on our jobs, in our classes, at home with our toddlers, or wherever you have been placed without wondering what significance our lives hold.  I am here to tell you that to live is Christ.  You are alive on this planet for a purpose greater than yourself.

Sometimes we fail to see the impact we can have on the lives of others.  We can be a source of encouragement to our co-workers, friends, acquaintances, families, and those we live with.  Although it seems we only get up and go to work and come home again, or change diapers, prepare bottles, do the same laundry, mow the same yard in a continual cycle, and run errands,blog pic 2 our lives matter.  There are ways we can stretch beyond ourselves to make a difference for the better to those the Lord has placed on our paths.

Welcome to this blog, To Live Is Christ.  Once again, please engage in conversation with me as well as others who may leave comments.  We can be a source of encouragement to each other which brings Christ into the picture, making Him the complete center-piece. This is part of what it means to say “to live is Christ.”

Yours in Christ,


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